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Country Date Location Get Tickets
Alpha Startups in Malaysia 17 - 21 April 2017 Kuala Lumpur Closed
Alpha Startups - Game Edition 29 May - 4 June * Game Developer Edition * Kuala Lumpur Closed
Alpha Startups - Fintech Edition September 2017 * Fintech Edition * Kuala Lumpur Register
Alpha Startups in Malaysia November 2017 * Generic * Kuala Lumpur Register
Alpha Startups in Indonesia Coming Soon - 2017 Jakarta Register
Alpha Startups in Vietnam Coming Soon - 2017 Ho Chi Minh City Register
Alpha Startups in the Philippines Coming Soon - 2017 Cebu City Register

About the Program

Before You Seek Support And Cash, Put Your Idea To The Ultimate Test.




How do you put running shoes to your ambitious idea? These days, most startups' quickest resort is to seek funding and incubator support from accelerators and angel investors. There is a lot to achieve however to get your startup from "idea" to "minimal viable product" (MVP) and "market validation" stage - the main criteria for accelerators and investors looking to invest in a worthy start-up.

We saw that gap, and we seek to be the bridge between your alpha idea and its critical acceleration curve! ALPHA STARTUPS | pre-accelerator is a 5-day intensive bootcamp where selected teams of entrepreneurs, developers and designers get to test and validate a scalable product/startup idea together with their peers. Daily deliverables are expected, mentorship is provided, and commitment is absolutely mandatory!

All ALPHA STARTUPS that successfully complete the pre-accelerator programme will gain priority admission into funding programmes run by 1337 Accelerator, and other recognised funding organisations throughout the country. Above all, they will be validated startups with strong pitch decks consisting of a viable product proposition, refined marketing plan and practical development roadmap.

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